Windsor is a thirty-something mom of about 20some kids. She works in the medical field and has been going to school on and off for approximately the past 15 years or so attempting to get her degree in between mom and work things. She enjoys dogs, long – walks – naps, wine – and of course hanging with her family. She can also think of a song to sing for any phrase uttered and has an obsession with true crime and procedural TV dramas. She is a raging liberal with a soapbox that can last for days. She is also a Taurus born in the year of the ox which means that she is always right, even when she is wrong. Just go with it. CHEERS!

Brittany is a 30 something mother of one (exactly and only one) sassy, Fortnite loving (is Fortnite still a thing?) teenage boy. Brittany has been married for approximately 1,000 years and has been working in social services for approximately the same amount of time. Brittany swears she’s done with schooling but is always contemplating another degree. Brittany loves reading and television (sometimes at the same time and on the same subject matter). Brittany knows all the words to your kids’s favorite songs and hates to eat her vegetables….also Black Lives Matter.