Episode 78: Run Me My Money, Honey: Peer to Peer Payment Services

In episode 78 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor discuss peer to peer payment services including Cashapp, Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle.

Episode 77: Connecticut True Crime and Supernatural Occurrences

In episode 77 Brittany and Windsor continue their road trip with a stop in Windsor’s current and Brittany’s former home: Connecticut. They talk history and weird laws, as per ush, and discuss the murder of Martha Moxley and the existence (or lack thereof) of Dudleytown.

Disclaimer: All accusations are alleged.

Episode 76: Say My Name, Say My Name

In episode 76 of Thanks, I Hate It Brittany and Windsor begin to delve into what is in a name – whilst also doing some roasting.

Episode 75:Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $220: The Insurrection 1 Year Later

In episode 75 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor discuss some updates from last year when the day democracy just about died: January 6, 2021: The Insurgency.

Episode 74: Hallmark, But Make It Gay; ‘Single All The Way

In episode 74 of Thanks, I Hate It!, Brittany and Windsor get to the nitty gritty and downright messy of Netflix’s new LGBTQ mlm Christmas Movie: Single All The Way.

Major spoilers within.

We discuss the plot, the wild family, our grips, and our overall rating of White Crest Falls.

Windsor gives it an 8/10 and Brittany gives it a 7/10.

Episode 73: Thanks, We Have Complicated Feelings About ‘HAPPIEST SEASON

In episode 73 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor intoxicatingly discuss the Hulu original movie Happiest Season in great detail and with great distain towards Harper.

Episode 72: Crowd Surge and Crowd Safety (Part 2)

Brittany and Windsor discuss crowds and safety.

Episode 72: Crowd Surge and Crowd Safety (Part 1)

In part one of episode 72 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor discuss some pretty heavy topics. Printed on the heels of the Astroworld tragedy they get into what exactly is crowd surge and Windsor discusses the tragedy of The Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003. On Thursday we will discuss Astroworld and what you can do to try to protect yourself in a crowd.

Episode 71: Thanks, We Hate Food Insecurity

In episode 71 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor discuss eating the rich and food insecurity. Can Musk really solve world hunger? No. But Windsor discusses how he can help.

We try to math, it may or may not be factual. We are not mathematicians. We tried.

Episode 70: Colorado True Crime/Supernatural

In Episode 70 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor roadtrip to Colorado where Windsor will tell you about the disappearance and murder of Adolph Coors, III (yes that Coors) and Brittany will tell you about the Stanley Hotel.

Episode 69: I Own Nothing: Thanks, We Love Fanfiction

In episode 69 of Thanks, I Hate It! (HA!) Brittany and Windsor discuss fanfiction and fanart. We get into the dos and the donts, as well as the blasphemous.

Windsor reads a few fics for your listening (both) pleasure and displeasure.

Sit back, relax, and grab a bottle of your preferred beverage and get ready to laugh.

Episode 68: Thanks, We Hate Trauma Porn

Happy November!
In episode 68 Brittany and Windsor discuss trauma porn (not that kind of porn!) and misery lit.

This episode does contain content that can be triggering to some people including, but not limited to: policy brutality and child SA (mentions – no detail).

Episode 67 (part 2): A Girl Walks Home Alone From The Hood

Brittany and Windsor are back with the second half of our horror movie review. This time Brittany discusses A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night and Windsor gives your the run down on Tales From The Hood. 

Windsor was also much more functional editing this second half. We had fun during our reunion y’all.

Episode 67 (Part 1): Sweet, Sugar, Candyman

In part one of episode 67 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor discuss Candyman original recipe and the remix in a way that only they can. 

Spoilers are plenty, you have been warned. 

Episode 66: Thanks, We Are Afraid of the Dark (2.0)

In episode 65 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor get into the Halloween spirit as they tell four tales of fuckery and fear. Windsor wrote two of the stories featured. Listen today to dive into  four short stories and your favorite moms just being a mess.

Episode 65:Thanks, We‘re Fascinated by Mermaids

In episode 65 of Thanks! I hate it, listen as Brittany and Windsor mess up all the words, bastardize Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, bully Brittany for never having seen Spirited Away, and talk about the Mami Wata from the African Diaspora.

Special thanks to tequila and whiskey for taking us on this ride!

Episode 64: Thanks, We Hate Domestic Violence

October is “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” and so we’re the month with a very serious discussion on domestic violence and statute that impact survivors in today’s world. 

We discuss the definition of Domestic violence, The Duluth Power and Control Wheel, reasons that survivors stay, and how you can help as a friend. 

Episode 63: California/ The Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa and The Devil‘s Pet of Elizabeth Lake

It’s episode one 63 y’all! This month’s true crime/supernatural bring us to California-nai-ay. We discuss the world’s most expensive Uber Black. Them Brittany discusses the disappearance of Bryce Laspisa before Windsor brings it to Ventura county and Elizabeth Lake where apparently the devil keeps his pet. 

Episode 62: Interstitial Joy: An Interview With Charlene Kaye

This week, Brittany and Windsor interview singer, songwriter, and fellow podcaster, Charlene Kaye. We discuss her podcast, Golden Hour with Kaye, her music, and some of her experiences as an Asian American woman. Have a listen and then check out her music and her podcast. Links below. 

Golden Hour With Kaye

Episode 61:Thanks, We Hate Anti-Abortion Laws

In episode 61 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor divert from our normally scheduled episode to discuss something that is currently happening regarding reproductive health rights and a patient’s right to choose. Today we discuss abortions, Roe v Wade, the new Texas law and more. Thanks, we hate ALL of this.

(Possible triggers, listen with caution if anything about this topic could trigger you in anyway.)

Episode 60: Thanks,We Hate Homelessness (Part 2)

In part 2 of this 2 part episode, we are discussing homelessness. In part 2, we discuss groups that are likely to experience homelessness and our plans to assist these groups. 

Episode 60: Thanks,We Hate Homelessness (Part 1)

In part 1 of this 2 part episode, we are discussing homelessness. In part 1, we define homelessness and discuss our individual histories with homelessness. 

Episode 59: Tony Alamo and Arkansas Highway 365

In episode 59 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor are back on their supernatural/true crime shit. We are bringing you Ar-can-sass realness, birth place of BILLIAM Clinton and home of a law that dictates if your dog barks and yells at it’s waters to remain low. 

Windsor brings in the episode with a wild ride with a tale of lies, money, theft of a dead body, sex trafficking and God. Brittany rounds out with tales from the haunting of Highway 365. 

Episode 58: Thanks, We Hate Toxic Masculinity and Transphobia (Part 2)

This week, we’re discussing toxic masculinity and it’s intersection with transphobia. In Part 2 of this 2 part episode, we discuss examples and laws that apply to the Trans Panic Defense. We additionally discuss ways in which people use their transphobic ideologies to define a number of celebrities, often celebrities of color.

Episode 58: Thanks, We Hate Toxic Masculinity and Transphobia (Part 1)

This week, we’re discussing toxic masculinity and it’s intersection with transphobia. In Part 1 of this 2 part episode, we define transphobia and discuss ways in which toxic masculinity continues to rule transphobia. Part 2 will drop Thursday (or Friday). 

Episode 57: Thanks, We Hate Paparazzi

In episode 57 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor bring you on an hour long b*tch fest discussing our absolute hate for all things P*rez H*lton and paparazzi in general. Windsor tells a personal story of the time that it was on sight with a pap and the ladies discuss some of the horrible things and occurrences that have involved the paparazzi. 

Special thanks this episode to vodka and consent. Remember kiddos, celebrity is not consent.

This ain’t your momma’s social commentary podcast (or is it).

Episode 56: Thanks, We Hate Wealth Privilege

This week, Brittany and Windsor discuss wealth privilege. We define the term, discuss nepotism, and discuss wealth privilege’s impact on society’s views of certain activities. 

Episode 55 (Part 2): The Cycle of Poverty

Here is the second installment of ‘The Cycle of Poverty’. 

During this episode, we discuss what poverty looks like in different states, give a breakdown of welfare as it stood pre 1996, and discuss SNAP and TANF programs that are utilized today. 

Episode 55 (Part 1): Thanks, We Hate The Cycle of Poverty

In episode for of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor talk about their lives and experiences whilst discussing the broader view of poverty, specially how we know it in the states, as a whole. This is another two part episode on Thursday part 2 will be released. (Part one did end rather abruptly as Windsor’s computer decided it wanted to stop working, but we’ll be back on Thursday!

Episode 54: Arizona True Crime and Supernatural

This month, Brittany and Windsor travel to Arizona for your true crime/supernatural monthly episode. Brittany explains the story of American Fugitive, Robert Fisher, and Windsor discusses hauntings at Phoenix’s Orpheum Theatre. 

**correction** In the episode, Brittany states a number of times that there is a *plantation* near the forest; the word she was looking for was *reservation*. 

Episode 53 (PT 2): Toxic Masculinity and Homophobia

In the second part of episode 53 Windsor and Brittany talk toxic masculinity with roots in homophobia in Hollywood and the misconceptions in the Black community.

Special thanks to rum for getting Windsor absolutely toasted and still this edited on time. We love to see it. 

Episode 53 (Pt 1): Thanks, We Hate Toxic Masculinity

In Episode 53 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor discuss toxic masculinity (first of a few episodes on this topic) with a focus on associated homophobia. This is a two part episode, part two will be released on Thursday. 

Special Thanks to Kool-Aid and vodka for making Windsor extra shit faced this week. 

Episode 52: These Are Our Confessions

This week, Brittany and Windsor discuss confessions. We give rationalizations for confessing, information on false confessions, and then share some personal confessions of our own. 

Special guests include: Poorly sung renditions of Usher’s “Confessions Part 2”, The postcard of Sneha Phillip, and Post Secret (Address Below)


28241 Crown Valley Pkwy F224

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Episode 51: Thanks, We Hate Lake Lanier

This week, Brittany and Windsor discuss the real crimes and supernatural aspects of Georgia’s famed, Lake Lanier. Tucked away in Northeast Georgia, Lake Lanier is a water source turned sundown recreational lake, final resting place, and supernatural hotspot. 

Episode 50: LGBTQ* Excellence

It’s the 50TH EPISODE of Thanks, I Hate It. This week Brittany and Windsor talk about some prominent figures in LGBTQ history (and history in general). We discuss Rachel Maddow, Sylvia Rivera, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Harvey Milk, Christine Jorgensen, Stormé DeLarverie, Karl Henrich Ulrichs, and Oscar Wilde. 

We only scratch the surface and you can expect many more excellence episodes!

Thank you all for allowing up the platform and the support to bring 50 episodes to you all. We love you!

Episode 49: Juneteenth

This week, Brittany and Windsor discuss the past, present, and future of Juneteenth, an integral day in American history. Brittany gives the history of Juneteenth and discusses the traditions while Windsor discusses ways in which allies can obtain and use information to increase their understanding of Black Independence Day. 

Episode 48: OMG, We Love The 90s

In episode 48 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor discuss the best decade of the 1900s – the 90s. Be warned, there’s lots of singing, reminiscing, and wheeze laughing. It’s a good time – a long time, but a good time. 

This episode is brought to you by wind breakers, side ponies, butterfly clips, and colorful Reeboks with the stars. 

Episode 47: Thanks, We Hate Fake Brand Activism

This week we are joined by Jamal,  1/3 of the Thanks for Coming! Podcast and author of the Gays in the Life Blog (links below) to discuss Rainbow Capitalism, fake woke activism, and reactionary activism in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. 

Episode 46: You Want Me to Focus on that AND Tiktok? (ADHD)

In episode 46 Brittany and Windsor get personally attacked over and over and over again as we discuss ADHD including an overview and personal experiences in our own journeys that really got thrown in our face when we downloaded tiktok and found out that our quirks when we were kids really weren’t quirks at all.

Sit back, sip on your drinks- whether that be coffee or a rum and coke and listen as we try to give such a complicated topic some justice.

Episode 45:Alaska and It’s Missing and Aliens

In episode 45 Brittany and Windsor discuss Alaska. Alaska has the most missing people, especially those who vanish without a trace than any other state in America. We talk about three of those children: Scott and Amy Fendel and DeShawn McCormick. In our supernatural segment, Windsor discusses aliens (of course) and the Alaskan Bermuda Triangle.

Episode 43: Conspiracy Theories

Free masons, chemtrails, and Covid – OH MY! In episode 43 of Thanks, I Hate It Brittany and Windsor do a shallow dive into what are conspiracy theories and why some people are more likely than others to believe them. They then take a page out of the debate club and try to convince each other of a conspiracy theory and they took a turn on their own. 

*Disclaimer: we do not believe these and do not think that there is any legitimacy to certain claims. Also, some out of date terminology is used “in character” in the story. 

Pod promo: Crime and Compulsion

Episode 42: An Alabama Crime and Supernatural Occurrence

In the first episode after our Hiatus, Brittany and Windsor discuss the life and crimes of The Alabama Reverend Willie Maxwell and the Rockford Haunting; an alleged haunting of a Maxwell family farm that could have been prevented had the new tenants left their newly rented property as they found it. 

Website:   Tihipodcast.com

Twitter:     Twitter.com/TIHIPodcast

Instagram: Instagram.com/tihipodcast/

Episode 41: Thanks, We Have Mixed Feelings on Being Teen Moms

In this week’s episode, Brittany and Windsor are joined by fellow teen mom, Dena Schools, of “So This is Me Trying” podcast. We discuss a differing (yet quite similar) experiences as teen parents. There are some ups, quite a few downs, and a meaty center. 

*This episode is purely informational and is, in no way, meant to glorify teenage parenting….we’re not MTV.*

Promo from: Campfire Classics Podcast. 


Episode 40: Thanks, Shazaam is Real and Other Mandela Effects

In episode 40 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor have some fun and dive into their childhoods as they discuss the Mandela Effect. Although some other people would have you believe otherwise, Brittany issue Shazaam is a thing and, also why isn’t it BEAR-instein bears?

Promo from Crime and Compulsion podcast.

Special thanks to Good Housekeeping. 

Episode 39: Thanks, We Hate Purity Culture and Slut Shaming

This week, Brittany and Windsor discuss purity culture, slut shaming, virginity as a social construct, and so much more. 

Promo for: The Alt Left (Also check us out in their 16th Episode about Abortions


Episode 38: The Life and Times of Assata Shakur and Celtic Fairies

In March’s true crime/supernatural episode, Brittany and Windsor discuss the life and times of American Revolutionary, Assata Shakur and the Celtic fairy folklore. 

Special Guests include: 

Angela Davis

Dullahan (Celtic Paul Revere with a spine whip…what?!)

The Leprechaun from ‘Leprechaun In the Hood’

Promo from: Well….that’s interesting 


Episode 37: Balancing Mediumship and Mental Health with V

In episode 37 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor feature a very special guest, V from Paranormal Life with V. We are very lucky to having V discuss some of her experiences growing up with her very special abilities. We discuss the person recognizing the person as well as the gift as well as the balance of self/mental care and her abilities. 

Follow V on Twitter here!

Episode 36: The Ladies Roundtable

In this episode, Brittany and Windsor are joined once again by the gracious hosts of ‘Hey Sister, Soul Sister’, Erica and Lea. In this episode the foursome discuss the varying experiences that shaped their pasts, presents, and futures. 

Find all things ‘Hey Sister, Soul Sister’ here: https://linktr.ee/HeySisterSoulSister


Episode 35: Cancel Culture or Consequences?

In episode 35 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor discuss cancel culture versus consequences of actions and discuss different celebrities who we thought should be canceled, were appropriately canceled, or who maybe shouldn’t have been. We have a lot of opinions and it takes a turn. Listen to see who we discuss and let us know if you think we missed anyone. 

TW: The last ten minutes or so discusses a victims account of sexual harassment she endured as a minor by a celebrity. There is no physical assault, but if this is something that could be triggering to you, please turn off the episode at that point.

Special Thanks this week to shitty decisions and Tylenol. Ads for our Patreon and our Buy Me A Coffee.

Promo this week featuring LAB Partners

Episode 34:The Murder of Richard Schoeck and The Haunting at the Eppes House

In February’s True Crime/Supernatural episode, Brittany and Windsor discuss the Valentine’s Day murder of Richard Schoeck and the crime that resulted in a young lover haunting a Florida home to this day. 

Special Guests include: 

LT. Dan

Thomas Jefferson

Mr. Results

Ice T & more. 

Trailer for an upcoming episode of The Jury Room. 

Bonus Glee Recap: Silly Love Songs

Once again, Brittany and Windsor bring you a Bonus Glee Recap. In this episode your moms are joined by special guests Lea and Erica, the hosts of Hey Sister, Soul Sister.  Listen in while we discuss the incestuous relationships, awkward moments, and silly love songs that make Glee a show that we all love to hate. 

Check out Hey Sister, Soul Sister on a streaming platform near you. 



Episode 33: Galentine’s Day ft. You Should Have Ghosted

It’s a Valentine’s Day/Galentine’s Day Zoom Party with our friends Liz and Shayna from You Should Have Ghosted. We do a very breif over view of the histories of Valentine’s Days and Galentine’s Days as well as chat a bit about online dating and get an amazing bit of a Brofile from Liz.

We then take inspiration from our some of our other pod friends and play some party games including trivia, FMK, Never Have I Ever and Guess the Song. 

This episode is pure entertainment and laughs are inevitable.

Episode 32: Thanks, We Love Black Excellence

In today’s episode, Brittany and Windsor discuss some lesser known black figures that exude black excellence. In this celebration of blackness and the positive impact of black figures in American history, Brittany and Windsor discuss past influencers such as Bayard Rustin and Marsh P. Johnson and modern movers and shakers such as Bryan Stevenson and Congresswoman Lucy McBath. We are starting Black History Month strong but remember, black history should be celebrated every month. 

Episode 31: Thanks, We Have Mixed Feelings About Side Hustles

In Main Episode 31, Brittany defines and discusses side hustles. Windsor then provides information on “Accounting” and ways to ensure safety when working the online marketplace. 

Bonus: Biden Inauguration Recap

Hey! It’s a bonus episode of Thanks, I Hate It. Today we continue the celebration of Inauguration Day by appreciating the LEWKS that were served, along with the integrity of being your authentic self, and highlighting some of the performances from President Biden’s inauguration celebration. 

Come join us as we laugh and continue on the high of hope and change. Make sure you wear your best shoes because the ground is covered in glass from that ceiling baby. 

Episode 30: Intuition and the Abduction of Kamiyah Mobley

In episode 30 of Thanks, I Hate It! it’s the monthly true crime/supernatural episode! This month we are talking about the abduction of Kamiyah Mobley and the phenomena intuition. 

Sit back, relax, and grab your drink or snack of choice and listen and laugh with (at) us. 

Special thanks to US!

Bonus Episode: January 6, 2021: The Insurgency

In this unplanned bonus episode Brittany and Windsor discuss the attempted coup on January 6, 2021. 

This is a reactionary episode where they express a lot of their very strong opinions and emotions surrounding the developing stories surrounding the events of the day aka what they have dubbed the plot to Bad Boys 4. 

Special thanks to Stacey Abrams and Georgia for being the bright spots of the day.

Episode 28: New Year, New Me, New Resolutions

In Episode 28, Brittany and Windsor discuss the history of New Years Resolutions, share heart warming stories that occurred in 2020, and decide on a podcast wide resolution. 

New Intro Music thanks to Sunshinekidsng. 

Auld Lang Syne is an adaption of the William Sherrod version of the song found on the album: Bootleg XXX-mas Volume 1. 

Additional sources at tihipodcast.com

Episode 27: This is Not Hot Girl Sh*t: Stories from the Friendship Archives

In episode 27 of Thanks, I Hate It!, Brittany and Windsor close out the shit show that has been 2020 and open the archives and take you on a ten mile long trip down memory lane (aka Hollywood Blvd). We let you in on some insiders and tell you stories that could only be brought to you by the hot mess express. 

It may or may not be hot girl shit. 

Don’t try this at home kids (also make sure you are of the legal drinking age and still under your parents health insurance). 

Special thanks: FU 2020 wine by Nocking Point Wines, Brittany’s messed up internet, and a very over tired toddler.

Sit back, relax, and laugh at our expense. 

Episode 26: Christmas Chaos: Try Not to Laugh

In episode 26 of Thanks, I Hate It! Brittany and Windsor try again not to laugh with ridiculous  Christmas crimes and unfortunate holiday fails. Windsor rounds out the night with Christmas clap backs, cuz y’all know we love some shade. 

Special thanks this week to d*ck napkins, coquito, wine, and technical issues. 

Full sources at tihipodcast.com.

Break music: bensound.com

Episode 25: The Murders of Harry and Harriette Moore and Krampus

In Episode 25, Windsor and Brittany ruin Christmas with their monthly True Crime/Supernatural episode. This month, Windsor tells the tale of the murders of civil rights activists Harry and Harriette Moore and Brittany discusses the life and times of the Christmas Demon, Krampus. 

Episode 24: Baby, Its a Controversial Christmas Song

In episode 24 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor discuss Christmas songs, not just any Christmas songs, but Christmas songs that may be a bit too spicy. Windsor discusses why she believes that Baby It’s Cold Outside is not a date r*pe song and has a bit of fun with Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime. Brittany discusses the tone deaf smash hit Do They Know It’s Christmas and also discusses Christmas in Fallujah. They round out the show with laughs, Christmas traditions, and their favorite Christmas songs. 

Special shoutout to So This Is Me Trying.

Special Thanks to Stella Rosa and Windsor’s liquor cabinet (shelf).

Episode 23: Pink Tax and Black Tax

In episode 23 of Thanks, I Hate It, the ladies have a lot to say. In bringing in the holiday season, they discuss pink and black tax in retail. Listen as their rants turn into a whole segment on problematic Barbies. 

Special thanks this week to amaretto and Stella Rosa for the laughs.

Promo featuring The Jury Room podcast. 

Episode 22: The Life and Times of Thanksgiving

In Episode 22, Brittany and Windsor discuss the REAL history of American Thanksgiving. They discuss the first “Thanksgiving” on stolen land, Presidents and Thanksgiving, the 1637 Pequot Massacre, and so much more. Brittany and Windsor additionally discuss modern Thanksgiving fails, rules for Thanksgiving cooking, and timeless Thanksgiving clapbacks (or the clapbacks most likely to be heard during a Thanksgiving “celebration”). 

OMG I Love it: If you’d like to help send Matthew Morrison to the now defunct Guantanamo Bay (what is happening with our world?) You can sign this petition through Change.org: https://www.change.org/p/united-states-supreme-court-send-matthew-morrison-to-guantanamo-bay?use_react=false

Bonus: Glee Thanksgiving

In a bonus exclusive, Brittany and Windsor use a random number generator to determine which episode of Glee to watch and…by pure happenstance, it’s Glee Thanksgiving or Glee, Episode 74: Thanksgiving. In this episode, Brittany and Windsor recap the episode, throw shade at very suspecting targets, and get hilariously drunk. Nonsense reigns in this episode of Thanks, I Hate It!.

Episode 20: The Murders of Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady/Duffy’s Cut and the Lost Irishmen

In episode 20 of Thanks, I Hate It Brittany and Windsor stttrreeecccchhhh the Thanksgiving theme as far as possible can be stretched and discuss the murders of Haile Kifer and Nicholas Brady. They also discuss Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground before turning their attention to the lost Irishmen who were discovered in a mass grave at Duffy’s Cut.

Promos in this week’s episode are for Geesebumps Podcast and All Gay Long Podcast. 

Please stay home and stay safe this Thanksgiving so we can all live to see this year out.  



Episode 19: Try Not to Laugh

In episode 19 of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor (very) drunkenly try to lighten their moods and spirits with a silly episode of Try Not To Laugh: Dumb Criminals edition. (Spoiler alert) they both lost, quickly. 

Special thanks for this episode go to the state of Florida, Boonlert, and social media. 

Promos this week include our friends GeesebumpsAll Gay Long, and Whisper Podcasts.

Episode 18: Treat Yo’ Self

It’s Election Day and in these stressful times Brittany and Windsor are talking about the history of treating yourself, poor coping mechanisms, and some ways to treat yo’ self on a budget. 

This episode features promos by All gay Long (allgaylong.com) and Whisper Podcast (thewhisperpodcast.com)

Episode 17: Halloween Campfire Tales

In Episode 17, the last episode  of “Extra Episode October”, Windsor and Brittany discuss Halloween traditions like the Kawasaki Halloween Parade and Pangangaluwa. They also discuss the origins of the Jack O’ Lantern and the Peter Peter Pumpkin Treater. 

Following each tradition and Windsor and Brittany “sit campfire side” to tell you scary stories. Each one is scarier that the last. 

Episode 16: The Murders of Diane and Alan Johnson/La Llorona

In episode 16, Windsor and Brittany discuss the murders of Diane and Alan Scott Johnson. Brittany and Windsor additionally discuss the La Llorona. 

This week’s episode features a promo from our friends over at The Whisper Podcast. https://www.thewhisperpodcast.com/

Episode 15: Zombies Past and Future

In Episode 15 Brittany and Windsor let their hair down and have a venture into some of the history of zombies and let some creative juices flow. Sit back, take a seat, and enjoy as Windsor makes some random alcoholic concoction and pushes Brittany’s buttons.

Episode 14: Herb Baumeister and the Victims of Fox Hollow Farm

In Episode 14, Windsor and Brittany discuss the life and crimes of Herb Baumeister and the subsequent haunting of his home, Fox Hollow Farm.

Episode 13: Vampires and the Case of Marcus Wesson

In episode  lucky number 13 of  Thanks, I Hate It Brittany and Windsor discuss VAMPIRES! Join us as we drink something we threw together and talk about vampires in history of the “Vampire of Fresno”. Come and play with us as we count down to Halloween. 

Episode 12: Witch Trials: Past and Present Day

In Episode 12, Brittany and Windsor attempt to unpack the Salem Witch Trials and the Connecticut Witch Trials. The duo additionally talk modern day witch executions and….witch camps? 

Episode 11: Cults

In Episode 11, Brittany and Windsor discuss cults. Like always you’ll get a background on cults and then you’ll give you some juicy deets about a few of our “favorite” cults. And we’re using “favorite” loosely. (Please note that Brittany and Windsor are aware that they did not Kool-Aid in Jonestown and instead, it was the off brand, Flavor Aid…do not come for us!)

Episode 10: Hoodoo and Satanic Panic

In episode 10, Brittany and Windsor discuss some “alternative” religions.  This episode is also known as the episode where Brittany fell asleep and left Windsor to laugh at her own jokes… nice. 

Special thanks this episode to whiskey on the rocks. Also, we were too tired for OMG I love it this week. 

Episode 9: Urban Legends

In this surprise episode of Thanks, I Hate It, Brittany and Windsor bring in the Halloween month by discussing urban legends and a little bit of Criminal Minds, whilst listening to a chorus of snoring for part of it and drinking cheap wine through all of it. Thanks, husband, I hate it. 

We’re live on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/TIHIPodcast

OMG, I love it: Papas Seafood and Wings https://papasws.com

Episode 8: Cultural Appropriation

In Episode 8, Brittany and Windsor discuss cultural appropriation versus appreciation in popular culture and Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos whilst in a haze of exhaustion and cheap wine. 

Brittany’s OMG, I Love It: Biracial Girl by Sean Fury https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJu088Kd6ac 

Episode 7: Parenting and Toxic Parenting

Does this podcast look like one of your lil friends? In Episode 7, Brittany and Windsor discuss parenting styles, toxicity in parenting, and their personal parenting accomplishments and total fails! 

OMG! I love it! Links: Amber RILEY music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/amber-riley/853842009?ign-gact=3&ls=1

Drexel and HONEYBEES (mispronounced as Huckabees in the episode)  donation page: https://www.drexellandhoneybees.com/

Episode 6: The Murders and Haunting of Corpsewood Manor

Satanism, Hallucinogens, and Two Bestest Boys. In episode 6, Brittany and Windsor discuss the brutal murders of Dr. Charles Scudder and Joesph (Joey) Odom at the Corpsewood Manor and the subsequent hauntings. Buckle up because there’s something new at every turn.

Episode 5: COVID and Schooling

In Episode 5, Brittany and Windsor discuss the new “normal” for schools during the time of Coronavirus; this includes: schools and Covid disclosure – or a lack thereof, the impact of Covid on subsets of children, and what going back to school looks like for some college students. 

Episode 4: Voting in America

In Episode 4, Brittany and Windsor discuss all of the things that they hate about voting. This includes: the long roads to suffrage,  “one size fits all” reasons for voting,  and felon suffrage. They also discuss swing states and a need for change. Please check your voter registration status and make sure you vote on November 3rd.

Episode 3: The Murder of Joleen Cummings and the Ghost of David Belasco

This week’s episode remix Thanks, I Hate it takes a break from throwing shade to engage in a once monthly true crime/supernatural episode. During this episode Brittany discusses the disappearance of Joleen Cummings and Windsor tells the tale of the haunting of The Belasco Theater and we’re pretty sure David, himself decided to make his presence known with all of the technical glitches that plagued the making of this episode originally so here is the re-recorded edition sans thunder, cars, and a poor connection. 

Special thanks to Stella Rosa and tequila.

Episode 2: Celebrity Versus Private Persona

In Episode 2, Brittany and Windsor discuss what it means to be a celebrity versus their private personas. The duo give examples of public versus private personas and what it means to just be a person in public versus a person in a private space. 

Episode 1: Fandom and Toxicity

In the inaugural episode of Thanks, I hate it!, hosts Brittany and Windsor define fandom and discuss toxicity -que System of the Down, all through the lens of alcohol and former fangirls in recovery.